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    Why Clay Filter? How it Works?

    1. Why a Clay Filter?

    The Clay Filter is made of clay , whose main property is the exchange of heat with the external environment, causing the water to stay up to 5 degrees below room temperature, ie it is always kept fresh. 
    This heat exchange can be perceived through the sweating that occurs on the outer walls, providing quality water for an indeterminate time. This is because the Clay Filter, even having a 1-year warranty, does not have a definite shelf life. Some recommend that the exchange is carried out every 5 years since the quality of the water is related to the useful life. 

     Instead of Clay filters, we can use water filter pitchers in our house which kills bacteria and makes water more tastier.

    2. What are the steps of filtering the Clay Filter?

    In Clay Filters equipped with a sterilizing candle, which offers triple action, the first step is to contact the water with the filtering wall of the microporous material, which retains solid particles and impurities. 
    In the second step, the inner layer of colloidal silver is that sterilizes the water, ridding it of bacteria. Finally, in the third stage, the water comes into contact with the activated carbon, which will guarantee greater efficiency in reducing the odors, flavors and amount of chlorine present in the water, making it crystalline and healthy for consumption. 

    Stored in the Clay Filter, the water is always fresh due to the characteristic porosity of the clay, making the heat exchange and ensuring the natural cooling of the stored liquid.
    In Clay Filters equipped with double-acting decanter candle, only the first and third stages take place, and in Filters equipped only with the traditional candle, only the first step. There are few companies like hydros water bottle are manufacturing water bottles with an inbuilt carbon filter.

    3. What to do with the first liters of filtered water?

    The first filtering in the Clay Filter is recommended that it should be discarded, without the consumption, since the water is used to clean the Filter and to activate the candle. After the first filtration, you can start drinking cleaner, healthier water.

    4. What is the candle and what is its function in the Clay Filter?

    The candle is the filter element in the Mud Filter. Its function is to eliminate the impurities present in the water, making it cleaner and safer for consumption. 

    • The Traditional Candle , made of microporous ceramic, that allows to filter and to retain the solid particles of the water, making it totally crystalline
    • The dual action decanter , which contains activated charcoal in the interior, a vegetal product obtained from the coconut shell, used worldwide in water purification systems, reducing the amount of chlorine and the flavors and odors of the Water;

    • The triple action
    , with colloidal silver coating applied internally along with activated carbon. This type of candle allows for greater filtration and reduction of the presence of chlorine and bacteria which, in excess, are harmful to human health. The silver layer applied inside the candle penetrates the pores, preserving its sterilizing properties.


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