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    What does a UX Engineering do?

    The UX Engineering talks about the design user-centered and states that the strategy is to identify and continuously refine the knowledge about the use of the system context and requirements in terms of usability of the interface every cycle. If this process is implemented early in development, such a strategy can reduce the risk of conceptual failure of the project, ensuring that the system responds increasingly to the expectations and needs of users in their tasks.

    This demonstrates how important it is for the UX Engineering area to be involved in the main stages of the development process. In addition to what is described in ISO 13407, you can also reduce rework, requirements become more consistent and the business model becomes more mature.

    Taking into consideration the quality of the software, the UX  Engineering area must also take care of standardizing the company's software: a system must ensure that visual elements, terms, screen behaviors, and user interactions are consistent with the user throughout their use.

    Benefits for users

    • Reduction of errors.
    • Increased confidence.
    • Increased efficiency.
    • Reduced resistance to new technology.
    • Benefits for Developers
    • Minimizes reinvention.
    • Reduction in arbitrary decision making.
    • Decreases development time.
    • It benefits or re-use.
    • Reduces the need for testing.


    For this the UX Engineering area must have the visibility of all the software of the company, being able to reuse the same elements in other projects that have the same profile of users. In this issue, there is also a reduction in costs, because a company that produces software of the same segment can use the same resources in all its products.

    The present article is far from exhausting the subject, but it is certain that, during its reading, it is clear to the reader the necessity of investment in UX, with the detailed presentation of its benefits and competitive advantages. The research, present in the citations of several authors, demonstrates in a safe way data and indicators that will undoubtedly change its perspective regarding the area of UX engineering and its applications.


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