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    What are the effects of Chlorine on Water?

    The chlorine in the bath water or the water you consume can cause several harms to your health. Burning sensation in the eyes or skin, spots, and itches in the body and allergies like rhinitis or asthma can be signs that chlorine is harming your life. Want to know what effects the excess chlorine contained in treated water from the public network can cause to your health and how to protect them? Check it out here!

    Water can be filtered with water filter bottle which helps filter the bacteria and provides purified water.

    Find Out More About Chlorine

    The chlorine that is used in the treatment plants is a pesticide and reacts with other chemical elements, forming various toxins. These toxins are related to various diseases. Find out how chlorine affects your health!

    * Inhalation

    Inhalation is considered the most harmful form of exposure to chlorine and harmful to human health.   

    * Hot water

    When taking bath with hot water the pores of the skin open, facilitating the entrance of the harmful elements in the sanguineous circulation.    

    * Chlorine in the water in which we drink    

    In addition to the inhalation of chlorine in bath water, our body can also be harmed by drinking contaminated water. And as water is the most important element for the human being, we must be very careful about its quality.

    * The chlorine in the water for the pet's  

    If you consume quality water, your pets also deserve the best water for their health. The water should be fresh, clean and filtered for food and for bathing.

    * Chlorine meals  

    Many people do not care about the quality of the water they use when producing their meals, but that's very important! If we use tap water in food preparation we will be indirectly ingesting water that is not ideal for health.


    Because of these situations, many people develop intolerance to chlorine and may have much more serious problems. Now imagine that many people in the world already consume good water for drinking, bathing, and other activities.

    Yes, the ideal water for our health already exists! It is alkaline water and dechlorinated water. Find out how some of the benefits that declined water can add to your life!

    * Water without chlorine in the bath

    Chlorine-free water in the bath eases respiratory problems that are caused by excess chlorine and other chemicals.

    *   Healthier appearance

    The skin and hair gain a younger and healthier appearance without the harmfulness of chlorine, alleviates allergies and blemishes on the skin.  Few companies like Hydros water bottle manufactures water bottles with an inbuilt fitler.


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