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    Ways of Water Purification 

    Most people tend to be careful only with the water they drink and are unaware of the importance of taking care of the water they use to do the dishes, to bath, brush their teeth, wash clothes, wash and cook food, among others. But filtering the water you drink and offer to your family is just as important as filtering water for other uses.  Water filter pitchers are easy to use in houses, where we can filter out water and also pitchers makes tastier.

    The use of water filter prevents the occurrence of variation in water quality. The purpose of the filter is to retain possible particles such as sand, clay, rust, dust, sludge, among other sediments. 

    We have not noticed that even without drinking water from some points of our house we continue to have contact with it. The contact with impure water can cause discomfort skin and clog holes taps, showers and some appliances.

    With the Hydra Central Water Filter, you will have access to quality of life, health and cost reduction with the cleaning of water tank and maintenance of faucets and household appliances that use water. All this by improving the quality of the water, leaving it cleaner and crystalline.

    Dirt trapped by the filter. It is these impurities that come into contact with your skin and that are diluted in food when you use unfiltered tap water to cook. 

    Residential Central Water Filter H + 10R.
    Residential Central Water Filter H + 10R. Flow rate of 3000 l / h and pressure of 100 psi.

    Residential Central Water Filter H + 20R.
    Central Residual Water Filter H + 20R. Flow rate 6000 l / h and pressure 90 psi.

    Everyone knows that water consumption is indispensable in our day to day life. Be it to prepare food, drink or just quench thirst. But what few perhaps know is that tap water, which is part of our everyday life, is not as pure as it seems.

    The truth is that by examining the water we drink and use in our routines we can be aware of everything we can not see or feel but that inhabits our water and changes its quality. Hydros water bottles are easy to carry while traveling, it is the best way to filter water.

    Disinfectants and chemicals added to kill germs that may be present in the water supply as well as underground pipes and corroded or dirty water tanks can affect the quality of the water and even harm your health.

    Thinking about all of this, we realize that using water filters is the healthiest option and there are many options for purifying systems, ie it is always possible to find the one that fits most in our need.


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