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    Things to Carry While Travelling!

    While travelling we need to wait for hours, we may run out of battery on our phones and we may not be unable to charge our phone because you might not take the charger. We will sleep without brushing our teeth because we are not set up a proper bag which contains basics things needed while travelling.


    Here is the list of things what to carry in the bag:

    1. Basic Hygiene Products: The basic things that we need to carry while travelling. Toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, hairbrush, any personal things. Once you reach your destination you can fresh up with these basic things if you are going through connecting flights obviously you have to wait for hours in between. 

    For example Colgate Max Fresh Gel Toothpaste and Brush


    2. Water Bottle: The one product which is mandatory while travelling. Because we undergo different waters, which might affect our health. The best to consume water is by filtering the water by using water filter bottles. You can get this water filter bundles online, It is a combo pack which has a set of water filter bottles and pitchers.  This pitcher can be used at home and water bottles can be carried out with us.

    For example, hydros water bottle is one of the best company who is manufacturing filtered water bottles and also this water filter bundles is available online on their website.

    3. Electronics: The most important thing that we need to carry while travelling is the mobile charger if it is not possible then we should make sure that we carry a power bank which will be very useful. Earphones and camera these are secondary things.


    4. Beauty Kit: Basic beauty products which we can carry while travelling is face wash, moisturiser, lip balm, hand sanitiser and if any makeup kit is needed. 

    For example, Neutrogena face wash and Sunscreen SPF 50 is the best choice to use. 


    5. Jacket or Blanket: Jacket is a basic thing, but there are people still who keep forgetting things. The weather is cold or hot that is secondary we usually wear a jacket to protect our skin while travelling.


    6.  Mask to Sleep: We know that there are people who can't even sleep with the TV light. If you are one among them then, you should buy a face mask before you travel. There are different types of face masks which are good and better quality one and also have a curvature for the eyes which is very comfortable.


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