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    Extraction of Water & Filtering

    Drinking water is the name given to that water that does not smell, has no color and has no taste. For consumption, it must possess these qualities, and if present preferably fresh, or with the pleasant temperature. Water should be filtered before drinking, it can be purified with water filter bundles. The water filter bundles are the combo pack of water filter bottles and water filter pitchers. These are the best choice to use in houses and also the water filter bottles can be carried along with us. And it very economical when compared to purifiers. 

    Depending on where it is extracted, drinking water cannot be consumed immediately, without undergoing treatment. However, if your source or source is not clean and safe, we can not ingest it, as it can lead to poisoning or health problems, such as diarrhea and vomiting, caused by microorganisms. 

    Considering the importance of water quality for our lives, ETAs were created: acronym for "water filter bundles". There, water is drawn from rivers and dams, and passes through filters, eliminating solid particles. It is then treated with chemicals, killing microorganisms that can cause disease. 

    In many homes, water has already been treated. However, since not all water boxes are properly cleaned, it is interesting that it is filtered before being ingested. Other families also prefer to buy bottles of mineral water, so that it can be used to drink and prepare food.

    Unfortunately, not all houses are supplied with treated water. In this situation, it needs to be filtered with water filter bundles and it can be cleaned. Then it needs to be treated.

    Water filter bundles are the best choice to opt for because this bundle has both carafe and bottles with an inbuilt filter. Water filter bundles can be ordered online which is very economical. Another very common aspect is the presence of strange tastes and odors in the water. Or, the high concentration of chlorine, this, especially harmful to health.

    There are several types of research that associate contact with chlorine to skin diseases such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, seborrhoea and other diseases of the skin and also the scalp. Recent studies conclude that long-term consumption of chlorinated water may double the risk of bladder and rectal cancer.

    It is worth noting that even more dangerous than the chlorine ingested in water is that absorbed during the bath. This is because our kidneys and our digestive system perform the filtration of some toxins. But in the bath, our pores are open, which increases the absorption of toxic products such as chlorine. It is estimated that a person can absorb up to 50 times more chemicals in the shower than drinking water since the vapors are more concentrated in that place. 

    For better water

    Whether it's for drinking, washing food, baby bottles, brewing juices, coffee, tea, brushing teeth, or to protect household appliances and household items, filters and purifiers are needed most every day..


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