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    Difference Between Boiled Water & Purified Water

    Boiled water vs purified water


    The most common way to eliminate bacteria is to boil the water. On this, the doctor Oster recommends boiling it for 10 minutes to kill germs and viruses, and not turn off the burner after the first boil because many microorganisms are still alive. "This method will help to eliminate impurities, but it will not prevent us from consuming dead microorganisms that remain in the water even if they are imperceptible to humans," Altamirano points out.


    Therefore, the specialist indicates that the appropriate option to have a pure water is to use water filter bottles. "Filtering the water by purifiers will not only remove impurities and mineral salts but also kill the bacteria and inactivate some viruses such as the main rotavirus that causes diarrhea in children worldwide," said the specialist.


    The novelty of this technology is that it does not use energy sources (electricity or gas) and are portable, which generates substantial savings at home since the price of filtered pure water will be much lower than that of bottled water or water. what we invest to boil it.

    I will explain to you the 5 characteristics of the ionized alkaline water that Dr quoted right now!

    This type of water helps in thousands of biological functions, combats hyperacidity and reduces acidic toxins, usually associated with degenerative diseases.

    Free from all types of contaminants. In it, you can not find bacteria like the virus, chlorine, toxic metals, organic matter, bisphenol A, dioxins, and xenoestrogens.

    A very important mineral in fighting a disease, which can harm - and much - your health. Osteoporosis, you must have heard of it and you know it's not good at all. In addition, this mineral is very important for the preservation of lean mass.

    By these and others this mineral is known as the "Mineral of Life".

    Our body, by performing the natural processes, is in constant oxidation, which causes aging and cell death. By ingesting potentially reduced water, we lessen the damage caused by excess free radicals.

    Ionized water moisturizes more than any other water. This is due to its low surface tension, that is, its lightness. That way, it offers a lot more energy for your day to day life.

    Know the Water Filter and Ionizer
    Have a healthier life by turning the water on your tap into the ideal water for health with the Acqualive Fresh ionizer. With it, you drink better quality water. Few compaines like Hydros water bottle is manufacturing water bottles with filter, which is easy to use and also it makes water tastier.

    The Filter and Ionizer, besides making an excellent purification treatment in the water of your faucet (has maximum Inmetro certification in terms of purification), turns the water into Ionized Alkaline Water, considered the ideal water for consumption, according to experts.

    So do not stop to think, see more product information and never have problems with the contamination in your water by clicking here.


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