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    Activated Carbon Filter for Water Treatment

    When using an activated carbon filter for water treatment , you have to choose the best equipment for each function. Activated charcoal, in the device, acts as an absorbent, removing the impurity from a medium without interfering in its composition. The model has many pores on the contact surface and holds the particles inside.

    The most common name for the activated carbon filter function for water treatment is adsorbent since it removes the impurities without any property of the liquid being modified. The liquid passes through the layers of activated carbon, so that the particles become trapped. In more modern types, even gases are removed and the water comes out cleaner and with a pleasant odor.

    The use of activated carbon is 100 times more porous than ordinary coal, so the activated carbon filter for water treatment is widely used for liquid compounds. In that sense, the components containing carbon as a base are retained. The system can be used both in large water supply environments and in small residences that need to use cisterns. Still, industries and trades are benefited with the equipment. Water filter pitchers are most useful product for filtering water in our house. 

    In addition, the use of activated carbon filter to treat water does not generate by-products, as in other chemical treatments. This is because the impurities are eliminated along with the coal, and can be reused for other applications.

    The formation of the pores in each activated carbon filter for water treatment is a separate case to explain the operation of the equipment. The adsorption performed by the coal is selective, favoring nonpolar bonds on polar substances. The smaller pores pull proteins, medicines, liquids, and even gases, and these are trapped in the coal. Few companies like Hydros water bottles are manufacturing products with inbuilt activated carbon filter in it like water bottles.

    Compared to other techniques the activated carbon filter for water treatment has advantages such as complete adsorption, physical stability and ease of production with few equipment. Still, some models feature easy cleaning and joint maintenance.

    The activated carbon filter for water treatment eliminates color, odor, bad taste and even organic substances that can hinder the use of water for own or industrial consumption. The dosages are varied for each type of water: if it comes from a stream or an artesian well, the amount and the need for treatment are different. Even so, activated carbon is the best choice to result in a quality product.


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